windpower in Hull, Mass.

Output Data, Hull and selected Others


     HULL WIND 1


[to 19 Jun 17]



[to 22Dec12 only]







     (2  MW)

Output thru summer 2017 (KWh)(see individual columns for specific dates)









Capacity Factor to specified date       25.25 %

            22.8 %


   = 31.7 %

     (bravo Webbs!)

      24.3 %



=     17.0 %

      remarks 5653 days ,  27 Dec 2001 – 19Jun17   2,414 days (4 May06 thru 22 Dec12),   thus:23,740,262/24/1800

so   CF = 22.8 %
906 days (29 Jun 2010 thru 22 Dec 2012)  265 days, 1 Apr thru 22 Dec 2012  [ plz. note:  it would not be right to calculate from all the days since powerdash measurements began here in Fairhaven.   Test days need excluding.  So we took 180 days net, instead]

19 June 2107 addendum:


The MassEnergy&Sierra Club boatride of 20May2017 had 271 ‘pilgrims’ aboard.   They were cordially hosted by two Hull officials, Kris Nixon of the Light Plant and Max Horn,

one of the Light Board’s 5 incumbent commissioners.   Max also proudly displayed his TESLA electric vehicle, alongside many additional EV’s.   These included 1 each Chevy VOLT from the

family of ex-commissioner Malcolm Brown and 2 VOLT’s from the family of MassEnergy’s Exec. Director, Larry Chretien.

The LED inside HullWindOne will have been only some 28 days less robust than that pictured here [do have a direct look; all the pilgrims were invited inside the tower, enabling them

to do lots of close monitoring on 20 May].   This snapshot was taken by Brown’s wife Anne Larsen, afternoon of 16 June 2017:


One frequently asked question is:   “when will Hull Wind One” have completed its payback period ?”      The happy news, from the point of

view of the (now) 313 city mayors nationwide as well as from Hull’s point of view, is the following proud answer:


 "Sir/Madam, you are a little late to ask this question, since the machine
had already completed its payback period ten years ago now". 
To which may fairly be added, this following: "for over 10 years now over 10% of the entire town's 
electricity consumption, or "load", has been carried by these two wind machines HW1 and HW2."
Hull has even put out a challenge, aimed pointedly at its neighbor to the north, Cambridge Mass. asking Cambridge this question:
“why  not cause your Walter Sullivan Water Filtration Plant’s large electric load to be offshouldered from the grid, and to be greened ?    This would mean carrying all of its considerable load by a similarly “progressive” zero-emissions machine.
Our research has indicated that you could succeed, and perhaps at no net cost, by running in the mode of Minnesota’s Dan Juhl .”    Hull has no mayor, so could not sign on alongside Cambridge and alongside those 312 other mayors, — prior to 17June17 — to the Paris protocols.
Cambridge has a mayor, and her City has in fact signed on.”


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