windpower in Hull, Mass.



Please consult this quasi-interactive realtime reporting from environmentaly progressive workers in the town of Weston, Massachusetts:


Wizard’s Corner #1

Oz-wise the Wizard’s identity remains mysterious, until late-on. 

Here in Hull I’m by no means the only wizard, though none that I know are as quite so old as myself. Three of them are in any case far more advanced than I in the deeper & darker sciences. To avoid exposing them to overmuch publicity, I’ll be content to reveal only their initials, namely H.S., P.L. and A.L.

I’ve often said to people who visit our turbine and are able to have a close look at the digital readouts inside, (several streams of data cycle across the little screen in there): in every crowd there’s sure to be at least one data-freak. Define this:  as a person who gladly skips breakfast, so long as tidbits of data are available, preferably on a realtime basis. No time, or no urge, to get hungry.

Soon, probably within a few months now, I hope to be able to report to the little knot of us freaks:  “We can now monitor our progress in Hull realtime at home, on any of our respective desktops”  This would mean visiting the link here at that has been a long time coming, alas. Wizard’s corner believes that it’ll be nearly as exciting to minds like yours as this one:

If you can’t find tasty realtime data there, try this one:

[The wizards who created these displays used to be called (in the time of Eudemus of Rhodes) “The Muse-inspired, brave, and godlike souls around Pythagoras”.]

Coming soon: an excel-formatted listing of hostmarks (we don’t do any of the Federal-style snooping on individuals, but we do take note of a few statistics & generalities – the hostmarks of some of our roughly 2000 visitors per month).

Some recent visitors are Harvard Medical School, Williams College, Sioux Rosebud of South Dakota, Dartmouth U, Oak Creek Energy of Tehachapi, Dept of Rail & Public Transportation (State of VA). These have visited since May. There are literally scores more on our select list. Stay tuned.

Malcolm of Hull

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