windpower in Hull, Mass.


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Do you have any thoughts on why the Ukraine has been visiting our companion website, ?      China, of course.   But what of Russian Federation ?     And again, what of Moldova ?     -Malcolm


visitors to hullwind, December 2012

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Author: malcolm109

emeritus professor of philosophy, Brooklyn College (CUNY), special interest in Early Academy, and its practitioners, such as the three non-Aristotle's. I refer to Eudoxus, Menaechmus, Philip of Opus, Amphinomus and Younger_Socrates. As to blood_&_bone persons, we have only 3 here, despite our having 5 names. One or perhaps of the two names is a pseudonym. This is the same as a 'didaskaliakon' (sic). [this word is a scholarly artifice, but it has been responsibly formed, modelled upon the work contemporary with Plato's late writing. Philologically it matches Philip's oddly entitled 'kukliaka' and a work traceable to Philip and his young consort Dionysius II, 'lithiaka']. A sixth name, Socrates_Allos adds nothing to the count -- of historical individuals, that is.

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