windpower in Hull, Mass.

December 22, 2012 readings in Scituate and Kingston

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Kingston.    As of 22 December 2012.      1658*1200 =  1,989,600 KWh’s. 

(source:   NSTAR meter at site, multiplier=1200)

 Scituate’s reading on 22 Dec.  stands at    2,322,190 KWh’s

(source: web-linked meter)




Kingston's NSTAR meter as of 22 Dec 2012, 1658 X 1200 KWh's

Does Kially Ruiz find this above picture accurate ?   Does he think recent claims about “turbines for sale” in Kingston scientific and factual ?   I myself doubt it.   Kially is of course free to comment here.   -Malcolm

Author: malcolm109

emeritus professor of philosophy, Brooklyn College (CUNY), special interest in Early Academy, and its practitioners, such as the three non-Aristotle's. I refer to Eudoxus, Menaechmus, Philip of Opus, Amphinomus and Younger_Socrates. As to blood_&_bone persons, we have only 3 here, despite our having 5 names. One or perhaps of the two names is a pseudonym. This is the same as a 'didaskaliakon' (sic). [this word is a scholarly artifice, but it has been responsibly formed, modelled upon the work contemporary with Plato's late writing. Philologically it matches Philip's oddly entitled 'kukliaka' and a work traceable to Philip and his young consort Dionysius II, 'lithiaka']. A sixth name, Socrates_Allos adds nothing to the count -- of historical individuals, that is.

One thought on “December 22, 2012 readings in Scituate and Kingston

  1. Kingston’s tower is not 90m. It is an 80m tower. Kingston was commissioned on May 16th.

    Please note that the Hull turbine was installed on a 60m tower, and Scituate’s on an 80m tower. This is a huge difference and the wind speeds at hub height would definitely be higher for Scituate. Therefore it is reasonable to expect a higher capacity factor for Scituate.

    This all goes to say that it is very difficult to make straight comparisons between wind turbines.

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