windpower in Hull, Mass.



Author: malcolm109

emeritus professor of philosophy, Brooklyn College (CUNY), special interest in Early Academy, and its practitioners, such as the three non-Aristotle's. I refer to Eudoxus, Menaechmus, Philip of Opus, Amphinomus and Younger_Socrates. As to blood_&_bone persons, we have only 3 here, despite our having 5 names. One or perhaps of the two names is a pseudonym. This is the same as a 'didaskaliakon' (sic). [this word is a scholarly artifice, but it has been responsibly formed, modelled upon the work contemporary with Plato's late writing. Philologically it matches Philip's oddly entitled 'kukliaka' and a work traceable to Philip and his young consort Dionysius II, 'lithiaka']. A sixth name, Socrates_Allos adds nothing to the count -- of historical individuals, that is.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. With results like these how could anyone endorse wind power .
    How about breaking down the output to useful power IE where ,or who used the power from 10 pm till 6 am ?
    The old line I have a bridge for sale is being replaced by I have a wind turbine for sale !

    • I’m out of state, will reply more fully later.

      But the bridge-to-sell point doesn’t work, since you only buy them from ones who don’t own one. Hull, Ipswich, Princeton MMWEC– we all own, and all are doing well. Ask any of us. Not much CF in summer , of course.

  2. And just how well is Princedon doing ? For that matter I understand there are 3 units for sale in Kingston .

    • I don’t myself have details on the Princeton turbines. Different muni light depts. have different ways of keeping the public informed. Maybe you could help by posting here the info you can find ? My last info was that Princeton was proud of their new machines.

      About your Kingston info: Do post this if you have it. My most recent report from Kingston was from Kially Ruiz at the Dec 4th MassEnergy event (Colonnade Hotel). He’s working on approvals for his pair of elevators. These are precedent-setting, and may have a favorable impact on a project in the planning stages in downstate New York. It’s an interesting site, inside one of the five boroughs.

      Do let us know more about “3 units for sale” there. I don’t think the Hyundai is for sale. Did you get your info directly from the owner of the Gamesas ? Have you spoken with the owner of the new hardware going up in Gloucester, or the new hardware in Ipswich ? Up there on the North Shore it looks like more buying and installing, not selling machines already installed. Fact-checking should be our strong suit, right ?

  3. have a look at some newly gathered data in Kingston, at the NSTAR meter there (22 Dec 2012) -Malcolm

  4. Hi Malcolm, just a Brown descendent . Got some pics of your Dad with my Great Aunt Lizzie May Brown. And a pic of my Mom and Uncle with your Grandfather . I figure the Browns came to America in 1707.

    • Chuck – mighty good hearing from you. An intermediate link in our large family chain is certainly Army Chaplain Alan Brown, my father’s brother, 10 years older than himself. The two of them were most irregular in their dispositions to the preachings of their father (my grandfather) Andrew Christy Brown. I have anecdotes in this line that are far too lively for web-dissemination. More secure channels needed. Neither Roswell nor Alan would have thought the concept “worldwideweb” a coherent one, I divine. I myself thought it a not-very-coherent Californian dream back in the 1960s. Something of a tarnish on the good name Whole Earth Catalog. – Malcolm

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