windpower in Hull, Mass.

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December 22, 2012 readings in Scituate and Kingston

Kingston.    As of 22 December 2012.      1658*1200 =  1,989,600 KWh’s. 

(source:   NSTAR meter at site, multiplier=1200)

 Scituate’s reading on 22 Dec.  stands at    2,322,190 KWh’s

(source: web-linked meter)




Kingston's NSTAR meter as of 22 Dec 2012, 1658 X 1200 KWh's

Does Kially Ruiz find this above picture accurate ?   Does he think recent claims about “turbines for sale” in Kingston scientific and factual ?   I myself doubt it.   Kially is of course free to comment here.   -Malcolm